Availability update 25/06/2014
  • I might be available for freelance front-end webdevelopment (AngularJS, Famo.us or Phonegap) in oktober 2014. Max 16 hours per week.
  • I'm always available to create interactive experiences, apps for surveys, data-collection, workshops, group decision rooms, festivals and events.

What I do

I create interactive experiences
based on game design principles
using app & internet technology.

I have collaborated with
innovators, artists and entrepreneurs
to create interactive
guided meditations,
television shows,
music albums,
and more.

Check out strenghts, weaknesses & skills and earlier work to see if I can offer you are looking for. Read what others say, browse source code (if you're technically inclined) or view Mark's resume.

What I offer

Interactive Experiences

Using apps, internet and beamers, I create multi-user realtime interactive experiences for museum exhibitions, musical performances, theatre performances, festivals and more!

Festival/Event Apps

  • Your own super-smooth Android and iPhone app!
  • Including an interactive social game
  • With information about festival program
  • A map with locations
  • Send push notifications
  • Connect with Facebook or Twitter
  • Insight in visitor behavior
  • Gamify the app to increase engagement

Workshops, Presentation or Group Decision Room Apps

Faciliate an interactive workshop, presentation or Group Decision Room with our innovative and user friendly apps.

Survey/Data collection Apps

  • Your own app!
  • Realtime updates
  • GPS location
  • Take photos
  • Custom branding
  • Custom routing - skip a question based on previous anwers
  • Download data for Excel or SPSS for further analysis

Hire me as front-end webdeveloper

I'm an expert in AngularJS, Famo.us and cross-platform mobile apps with Phonegap/Crosswalk.

Earlier work

Interactive Concert: Tin Men & The Telephone

Influence jazz musicians live on stage

If you go to a live performance of Tin Men & The Telephone, you get to SHAKE for music, VOTE on what will happen next or perhaps you can even control the lights on stage! Watch the video:

Get it in the iTunes Store Get it on Google Play

Interactive Music Album: Appjenou?!

Manipulate the music from Tin Men & The Telephone

Appjenou!? by Tin Men and the Telephone is an exploration of improvised music incorporating unparalleled opportunities for interaction. It opens up a whole new gamut of ways to listen and watch and join in. Using dazzling visualistions, you can manipulate the mood of the music, choose a solo, mute instruments, manipulate effects and more. Watch the video below:

Get it in the iTunes Store

Modern Data Collection: FUSP

An survey app for data collection on android tablets

As a member of dreamyourweb, Made by Mark developed a data-collection app to facilitate research on clean water facilities in Mozambique. The app features offline data collection, GPS-tagging, complex routing and photos. Results and photo's can be downloaded online for further processing in SPSS. Read the article here.

Check out the example data-collection app:

Get it on Google Play

Interactive Television: Showrush

Online interactive television with webcam participation

Showrush offers innovative online events. While viewers are watching the event on the internet, they can participate using various interactive options, or even join the show using their webcam!

Julien de Waal, CEO of Showrush, writes:

Mark is a driven individual who took on the innovative Showrush software project with enthusiasm & professionalism. I was impressed with his approach to structuring the project every step of the way as well as his skills & vision to develop a solid & customer friendly software. Mark works well within a team, is patient & is considered a hard worker! It's a pleasure working with him.

As lead developer, Made by Mark is responsible for all web technology, facing challanges such as realtime synchronization, webcam video streaming and scalability.

Interactive Meditation: FOCUS

Android Smartphone App

Self-financed project born from a passion for meditation. The app features an interactive guided meditation. Interactive, because the app modifies the guidance in reponse to user input. More details at www.marknis.com.

Get it on Google Play

Technical Skills

My superpowers

These are my strenghts

  1. Realtime, Multi-user Interaction
  2. Crossplatform solutions
  3. Analytical thinking
  4. Team player

Improving on...

I'm always learning

  1. Business Strategy (Lean Startup)
  2. Game Design
  3. Project Management

My Hidden Weaknesses

(well, not anymore...)

  1. Web Design
  2. SEO
  3. Copywriting & Marketing
  4. e-Commerce
  5. Static Websites
  6. IE6 & IE7 (4.8%)

Latest Technologies

I'm always excited to use the newest technology

Smartphone Apps
HTML Templating
JavaScript Preprocessing
JavaScript App Frameworks
CSS Preprocessing
LESS / Stylus / SASS

Core Skills

I know my basics

jQuery + UI + Mobile
Twitter Bootstrap
Version Control
Git & GitHub

More Skills

...and I even have some other tricks up my sleeve

The Cloud
Amazon S3
Build Tools
More languages
ActionScript 3
Classic ASP

Download my resume for more information on my education and work experience.

What others say ...

  • “I was impressed with his approach to structuring the project every step of the way as well as his skills & vision to develop a solid & customer friendly software.”

    Julien de Waal, CEO of Showrush

  • “Mark has good skills in overall development - no matter what language - and he is a smart choice to have as teammember.”

    Jan Broos, director of Dots & Digits

  • “Mark has done an outstanding job from concept to implementation”

    Peter Marijnissen, director at Novatouch


Hello, my name Mark Marijnissen,

I'm 25 years old and I live in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

I have been programming since I was a little kid. It all started in Logo. Then I moved on to Visual Basic. By the time I was twelve years old, I created a professional website for a friend - it was still HTML and animated GIFs those days :) In high-school I programmed things such as Blackjack on my graphical calculator, and after that I picked up Object Oriented programming in Delphi.

Now, I have a bachelor in Artificial Intelligence and I am working as freelance app developer.

But my life is more than app development. I like to create music (using keyboard, guitar, ableton push). I used to paint and draw, too. Because I am so fond of creative experiences, I enjoy collaborating with performers and artists.

I love the clarity and calm that mindfulness and meditation give me. I'm creating an interactive meditation app, and sometimes I guide a meditation at a local meditation group.

I like to practice non-violent communication to love and connect with the people around me - I am hosting a practice group in Nijmegen once a week.


Made by Mark

Wolfstraat 180
6531LR Wolfstraat
The Netherlands
KvK: 50210041
BTW: NL012167071.B01